Ambassador Programme

Reaching over 50 schools and counting across Ontario, our ambassadors have been able to promote province-wide events, garner signatures for our petitions, accumulate support from their peers, and more.

The re-launch of the program marks a new year, where FCSS-FESC places a special focus on reaching more schools across Ontario, strengthening the student-school board relation, improving organization and challenging ambassadors to take on more leadership opportunities within their region.  

Guided by our Ambassador Program Managers and their Regional Ambassadors, our ambassadors will represent the student body within their schools and will have the chance to voice various opportunities and partake in compelling assignments including academic and leadership opportunities, experience in obtaining sponsorships, planning events, and more, while assisting the executive team in the marketing of our various programs and affiliates. Through participation in the School Outreach Program, ambassadors will gain valuable practical experience in marketing, finances, collaboration, networking and communication that will complement their future ambitious goals

Why Become an Ambassador?

- Represent the student voice in Ontario -

- Gain valuable skills and experiences -

- Network with students across Ontario -

- Earn volunteer hours -


- Prepare yourself for the future -

Are You...


- A motivated leader -

- An advocate for student voice -

- Willing to learn -

- Committed and organized -

- Passionate -


- Ready to have an amazing year? -

Then We Want You!


I was asked to join FCSS-FESC in my grade 12 year, and while my time with the committee was short, I was amazed at how a small group of young, passionate individuals could come together. FCSS-FESC members all share the common passion of making life better for secondary students, and as an ambassador I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, and share some of the incredible things we were doing with my friends and peers. FCSS-FESC truly cares about the future of our secondary schools, and I am proud to have been a part of it.
— Bennett Blackwell, 2012/2013 Ambassador