Ambassador Spotlight

Our team of ambassadors are incredibly diverse, passionate, young Canadians from across the country. That's why we want to recognize their accomplishments and tell their story of how they became involved with the FCSS-FESC and what their experience means to them.



The FCSS-FESC has truly taken me by surprise. When I first joined, I didn’t really know what to expect, only that it would consist of secondary students who were willing to address issues across Canada. At the first general meeting, I was immediately welcomed into a friendly setting where a fun and lighthearted introduction was given. The meeting itself was professional and insightful; I learned a lot about the organization’s goals and structure and realized that this student-led organization was a legitimate game-changer. I was previously a member of a another student-led group, however, the FCSS-FESC goes above and beyond, astounding me with its professionalism and cohesion. I hope that it can continue to be a role model for developing student groups across Canada, as I have seen through the FCSS-FESC just how much students are capable of.


Kate Lau

Being a proactive member of my community is important to me because there's so much to learn outside of a classroom. I'm proud to be Ambassador of the Month because the FCSS-FESC has given me many opportunities to be a better advocate for the significance of student voice! As a grade 11 student, you can easily find me worrying about what to do in the future, but besides that, I'm likely scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. I'm excited to see what we as students will do to develop a healthier school climate across Canada, especially in a time where youth are so empowered to be in the forefront of leading change.

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Helen Wang

With great power comes great responsibility. Sometimes, we don't know where to find that power, and other times, we don't want that responsibility. FCSS-FESC is the kind of organization that offers you the power and allows you to really enjoy the work that you do. I'm a sixteen-year-old student, an avid reader, and a perfectionist. In the future, I see myself teaching or somewhere in the field of education in order to continue giving students the opportunity to have their voices heard.

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Anjana Somasundaram

As a 15-year old high school student from Scarborough, Ontario with an interest in the field of business, I’ve always wanted to spark change in my local community. Through my involvement with this youth-led organization, I’ve been able to accomplish this goal. The Federation of Canadian Secondary Students has provided me with a platform to share my voice and shine a spotlight on issues that concern the student body. It offered me the opportunity to work alongside fellow youth leaders and help solve issues that directly impact students across the nation. I look forward to contributing my ideas and advancing this cause!

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Elizabeth Razzouk

FCSS-FESC spoke out to me as an organization that advocated for what we as students needed; a group of like-minded individuals bonding together to create needed and impactful opportunities and change for the nation. I'm currently fourteen and living in Richmond Hill, with a passion for volunteering and pulling unneeded all-nighters on things that are due tomorrow. In the future, I hope to continue being a part of FCSS-FESC and possibly pursue a field among the area of law. I'm so honoured that I am able to be the ambassador of the month, and can't wait to keep working to continue to promote how important student voice always is!