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We have no current vacancies at this time. If you have specific skills, talents, expertise, or experience in one of our program areas, please send your resume/CV by email to to be considered for an appointment to a committee or a seat on the Board of Advisors.



+ About Membership

Everyone who joins the FCSS-FESC, whether as an Executive, Ambassador, or through the Student Advisory Committee is called a “Member” and is also entitled to certain rights and privileges within the organization.

All Executives and Ambassadors of the FCSS-FESC are Class A Members while individuals on the Student Advisory Council are Class B Members.

+ Class A Members

Class A Members are entitled to opportunities to become involved and to speak at the FCSS-FESC Annual General Meeting.

  • Make and move motions at the Annual General Meeting
  • Vote on motions at the Annual General Meeting
  • Cast a ballot in the election of an Executive Director

+ Membership Dues

Class A Members are required to submit payment of Membership Dues. For the 2019/20 year, Membership Dues are set at CA$20.00 for a full academic year (both semesters) or CA$10.00 for half of one academic year (for only one semester).

Membership Dues are tax deductible and charitable receipts are issued for the payment of Membership Dues. Tax receipts can be used either by the Member themselves or by a parent/guardian to reduce taxes owed to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Exemptions are available for prospective Members who are experiencing financial need. See Policy 5001 for more information on requesting a waiver.

For more information, see this Primer for Students and Parents on Membership Dues.