The main purpose of your blog post is to inspire fellow peers. As introduced at the beginning of this term, there are three pillars which constitute the FCSS-FESC’s Initiate Affiliate Programme: Network, Inspire, Expand.  Your blog post shall help fulfill the Inspire pillar by increasing youth enthusiasm in creating sustainable and successful initiatives. Additionally, be aware that other demographics will read your blog post. For instance, parents will read it, so your blog post must outline the pros and cons of high school students joining your type of youth-run organization (i.e. charitable, educational, etc.) from the perspective of a parent or guardian. Put a lot of thought into what you would like to share and be mindful that you will inspire many readers when writing your blog post.



The following is a list of topics that must be covered unless indicated otherwise. Additional topics of discussion are welcomed.


  1. Introduction

    1. The spark which inspired the founders of your organization

    2. What members of your organization do

    3. Provide some insight of your demographic (e.g. members’ age range, interests, hobbies, ambitions, etc.)

  2. Challenges

    1. Challenges faced in your organization’s operations in the context of you being high school students who are taking on additional responsibility of managing the organization

  3. Lessons Learned

    1. Several common lessons that members have learned by being in your organization

    2. How have/will these lessons help them in their daily lives?

    3. How have/will these lessons improve their high school experience?

  4. Self-Promotion [OPTIONAL]

    1. Feel free to encourage readers to follow your social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)



  • First-person is allowed and in fact encouraged

  • The blog post should embody various opinions in your organization

  • Remember to be authentic and speak honestly


  • Submit your blog post to katel@fcss-fesc.ca as a Google Drive file

  • The blog post will be proofread before being published

  • The final version that shall be published will be returned to you for reference and final validation

  • You will be notified by email when your blog post is published