Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, and please do take some time to learn about the FCSS-FESC and our blog. September is a time of new beginnings, and all new starts should start with the proper introductions. To begin, we’d like to introduce ourselves. Our names are Harrison Chen and Sky Kapoor, and we’re the Ontario FCSS-FESC Blog Managers for the year of 2017-2018. We hope you’ll enjoy reading these blog posts as much as we enjoy writing them.

About Us

For starters, we’d like to offer some information about the FCSS-FESC. This eight letter, one symbol abbreviation stands for the Federation of Canadian Secondary Students | Fédération des élèves du secondaire au Canada. We’re a non-partisan, youth-led charity, dedicated to empowering students and amplifying student voice across Canada. We help students across the country cultivate their skills outside of the classroom and offer insights on barriers that impact the education system. We want our work to help students achieve their high school goals and succeed in their post-secondary endeavours. Information about how our organisation came together can be found here:

As an organisation, the FCSS-FESC has several initiatives that target students. These include our Student Voice Champion Scholarships, valued at up to $5000 each, our Pathways Mentorship Programme, which equips high school students with information on university/college life, and our Student Bill of Rights, which provides a set of standards for secondary education that should be upheld across the country. These are only some of the things the Federation does, and we encourage you to explore our website and find something that peaks your interest.

If empowering student voice interests you, and the FCSS-FESC sounds like something that you’d like to be a part of, please do not hesitate to fill out an application to get involved. Applications for Class B Memberships are open now until April 1st, 2018 (inclusive). These memberships will allow for participation in member-only discussions that help shape the future of student voice. Apply now at

More information regarding what our organisation can be found here: Don’t miss this opportunity to become an advocate for the change you’d like to see!

About the Blog

On this blog, we will post about a wide range of content. This will include tips for academic and personal success, guides for university applications, advice on finding hobbies, and our thoughts on making the most out of your years in high school. Hopefully, you will carry these messages well beyond your time spent in high school. We hope to equip you with meaningful and impactful tools to make your life as a student the best that it can possibly be. This blog will also post updates on the Federation’s project developments, so make sure to stay tuned!

Blog posts will come out once a week on Sundays. We hope that they’ll help promote academic success, make your everyday life more enjoyable, and everything in between. We promise that it’ll be a great way to start off your week. Come check us out every once in awhile!

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