Class B Membership

Class B Members can be any secondary student (including CÉGEP) from any region of Canada. By joining as a Class B Member, you affirm that we represent you as a student interested in advocating for better public education across the country and allow us to speak on your behalf in times of educational disruption, such as in labour negotiations.

For example, if there were a labour disruption involving teachers in your province or territory, we would help advocate for students and present a united message to stakeholders involved in the labour dispute. This helps ensure that the student voice is heard when it is most critical. Think of it like an alliance of students in your province speaking as one with a common message that seeks to ensure that students are not forgotten during disruptions to normal education.

You will also be able to participate in Member-only consultations and discussions to help shape the future of student voice and get insider information on new developments in education before anyone else. We will also share opportunities to get involved in governmental consultations on education in your province or territory, such as when a new curriculum is under review.

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