ICE 2016

Back by popular demand, the ICE Conference returned in 2016 on June 4 at the new Toronto City Hall in downtown Toronto. The conference focused primarily on social justice and entrepreneurship, as well as scientific inquiry. The conference featured a variety of speakers and workshops including Leo Barbe, Wali Shah, and Aidan Aird among many others. There was also an Opportunities Fair for attendees which provided a place for students to network.

Inganno 2016

In Italian, Inganno means deception; a perfect description of this event. As a masquerade-style ball, Inganno allowed students from across the Greater Toronto Area the opportunity to meet people, enjoy awesome food, and party through the night! Our first ever Inganno Masquerade was an energetic semi-formal evening at the prestigious Gates Venue located at Yonge and Dundas and had over 150 secondary school students join us through the evening.

ICE Winter Gala 2015

To end the year off, the FCSS-FESC held a formal evening of networking and amazing food before the holidays. The  Gala aimed to connect aspiring students and youth leaders with each other, and introduce them to new opportunities. Gala was an opportunity to listen to 15 great speakers talk about their experiences and answer questions. The evening ended with a networking session for guests to meet students from all over the GTA and Ontario.

ANNUAL General Meeting 2015

The Organization's first Annual General Meeting as the FCSS-FESC took place on December 6 at Toronto City Hall. The AGM helped to foster collaboration and understanding on various issues affecting the Organization, and provided the Organization with an opportunity to lay out a strong, broad vision for its future. Highlights of the AGM include the introduction of a new Constitution, and the discussion of future community service projects to be undertaken by FCSS-FESC. All in all, the AGM was a profound success.


The FCSS-FESC believes strongly in human rights, and fights to protect, defend, and uphold them at every possible turn. Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) Committee addresses pressing issues affecting individuals across Canada in the hopes of creating a more just world. The Stand Up' Speak Up. Fundraiser raised money through a "Chuck Your Change" style fundraiser throughout downtown Toronto for our EDI Programme to reach this end.

ICE 2015

The inaugural ICE Conference took place on April 18 at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. The conference focused primarily on STEAM subjects, as well as entrepreneurship and social activism. The conference featured a variety of speakers and workshops including Dr. Brad Bass, Dr. Imogen Coe, and Kaiser Chan. There was also an Opportunities Fair for attendees which provided a place for students to network. Not forgetting the organization's mission and purpose, the day closed with a session discussing how education could be improved in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

Opportunities Fair 2015

The Opportunities Fair organized by the Regional Ambassador of York, (Jacqueline Chung) took place on Saturday, April 11, 2015. Youth from Richmond Hill, Markham, and Toronto were present at the event with over 20 booths and 6 amazing speakers. It allowed the students to see various opportunities in the fields they are interested in. For examples, YMCA GTA, who help find students a summer job or YES Canada who has various international exchanges around the world. 

Annual General Meeting 2014

The first Annual General Meeting took place on February 28th. At the event, we heard an inspiring talk from Rob Andrews (does work regarding student success in the Ministry of Education), read through and ratified the organization's constitution, ate Pizza, and discussed new ideas on how to engage students in Ontario. 

While much of the meeting was dominated by governance and administrivia, concrete solutions came out of the meeting on how we can better service Ontario secondary students.