Our Promise

To demonstrate our faith in service to you, we want to ensure that the operations of the organization are as transparent and open as possible. We are accountable to the people we serve, and we welcome your questions and feedback at every turn. We promise to operate with integrity, honesty, and transparency; values enshrined in our policies and guiding documents.


board of directors

Husayn Jamal.png

Husayn Jamal

Husayn served as Executive Director of the FCSS-FESC in 2016/17 and is now the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and currently attends McGill University.

Roman Ebadi.png

Roman Ebadi

Roman is currently attending the University of Ottawa and served as the Executive Director for 2015/16. He is also the former Board Chairperson for 2016/17.

Sancho Angulo.png

Sancho Angulo
Internal Counsel

Cindy Wang.png

Cindy Wang
Corporate Development

Nivetha Govindaraju.png

Nivetha Govindaraju
Programme Development

Dennis Xu.png

Dennis Xu