Pathways Mentorship Programme

Benefits of joining!

 For Mentors?

  • Experience working with youth
  • Resume-building activities
  • Make new friends and connections
  • Give back to high school students
  • Earn volunteer hours

For Mentees?

  • Connect with university-level youth
  • Ask questions about post-secondary education, including tuition, scholarships, residencies, programs, university and college life, clubs and involvement, and more
  • Get help with personal and professional problems
  • Make new friends and connections
  • Make an informed decision regarding post-secondary education


Considering becoming a Mentor?

  • All mentors must be a post-secondary student
  • Between the ages of 18 and 23
  • Happy and willing
  • Access to internet, and desktop, laptop, and/or smartphone
  • Experience with youth (recommended)

Considering becoming a Mentee?

  • All mentees must be a secondary school student
  • Between the ages of 13 and 18
  • Considering post-secondary education
  • Interested in speaking with university representatives
  • Looking forward to making an informed choice
  • Excited to make new friends and connections
  • Access to internet, and desktop, laptop, and/or smartphone

This year, our Pathways Mentorship Program will be focusing mainly on youth that are having difficulties in school; whether it be graduating, attending school, keeping up with school work, as well as getting advice on further education, including university, college, or just choosing a major. 

One of the biggest issues we feel needs to be addressed is the lack of support being received from guidance counselors. In pop culture, guidance counselors are portrayed as highly approachable figures of authority who provide academic and individual counseling.

The reality is that Ontario students never feel like they can get the help they need regarding personal issues, therefore leaving these problems unaddressed.  Some students feel uncomfortable and perhaps even a bit embarrassed discussing these issues with friends and family. This can leave the student feeling alone and overwhelmed therefore affecting not only their personal lives but also their academic life.

Our objective is to address these unmet needs and issues with the creation of our Pathways Mentorship Program.  We believe our Pathways Mentorship Program, who's aim is pairing students with mentors (mainly university level youth) would enable them not only to be heard, but also will allow the mentor to assist the student in navigating through personal challenges as well as decision making - both professional and personal.

We've found that there is not a single program that connects mentor and mentee and allows the mentor to help their mentees professionally as well as personally.

Our organization will allow students from all backgrounds and ethnicity reach their full potential. Our initiative is to not only provide professional support and guidance but also personal support. Our program will also expose the student to the field of study they would like to pursue as a post-secondary degree. Our goal is to help youth ages 12-21 enjoy their time in school, be it learning in a suitable manner for them specifically, or participating outside of the classroom.

Pathways Mentorship is now full for the 2016-2017 academic year.