Pathways Mentorship - By the OOSS and Campus Vibez

It’s official! The Organization for Ontario Secondary Students and Campus Vibez have finally launched the Pathways Mentorship Program, a project we’ve been working on together since late August.

Pathways is a way for high school students to listen to the unbiased student perspectives on over 50 Canadian universities, colleges, and institutions. Mentees will select a program that interests them and then be matched with a mentor who can provide insight on all aspects of the following programs: campus life, extra-curricular activities, scholarships, counselling, job opportunities, professors, courses, housing, etc.

Originally, Campus Vibez and the OOSS had separate mentorship programs for high school students. "The Organization for Ontario Secondary Students and Campus Vibez share similar goals and values. Partnering together will provide both organizations the chance to grow and make great things happen," suggested Ali Badruddin, founder of Campus Vibez. This prompted us to initiate a formal partnership between our organizations with the hopes that our joint network of over 500 members will allow us to successfully help thousands of Ontario high school students make the right post-secondary choices.

So sign up for the Pathways Mentorship Program today!

This is going to be an amazing year Ontario! Who knows what other great things our two organizations will do together?

Cindy LeeComment