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Photo Credits to "r-patzz" on FanPop

Photo Credits to "r-patzz" on FanPop

So you've been following this blog for a while now. Thanks for your support, you're great. But, you know, this blog doesn't belong to just us. Yes, if you really want, you can be a part of it too! If you want to be involved with the OOSS, or just have an interest in blogs in general, the OOSS blog will be accepting submissions from everyone out there to be published right here. That's right, your words could be posted right up here with mine!

Blog topics should lean towards student involvement and leadership, or other things that interest and foster the student mind. Keep the ideas fresh and interesting. Make sure to keep away from anything inappropriate (use your own judgement, people). Otherwise, you can write about whatever piques your interest and makes you want to share.

Blog writing itself is easy! We're pretty informal here, so don't worry about making your post sound like your English essay. As long as you keep your information moderately organized and grammatically correct, we'll be able to understand. Feel free to add visuals and come up with a catchy title, if you want. But most of all, have fun! (Okay?!)

So, we've got you hooked. How do you submit your blog post/idea? Is it a long process? What if you're not a technology person? Don't worry! Its easy as one-two-three (trust me, its that easy). Simply submit your blog posts/ideas below in the comments and the OOSS team will publish your blog for you (we'll handle the nitty gritty)!

Hope to hear from you soon!

~Rose and Cheryl

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