Follow-up on the ICE Gala

Last Saturday, the FCSS-FESC kicked off into the winter break with a formal ICE Winter Gala – and it was an incredible success! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who bought tickets. We were completely sold out! Also, a shout-out to our twelve speakers who were inspirational and brilliant! So many students obtained new wisdom and helpful advice from our event!

Also, let’s not forget the socializing and networking session! It lasted all night — and looked as if it could have lasted longer if possible! It was great to see students make new connections with other students in Ontario. Attendees, check out the photos at Can you find yourself? Also, feel free to give feedback at Not only will we appreciate it, but it will also help us improve similar future events.

And if you couldn’t come to the ICE Winter Gala 2015, don’t worry – because the FCSS-FESC has more events coming your way! In 2016, the events will get bigger and better! This includes the 2016 ICE Conference – an event you certainly do not want to miss!

Lastly, Merry Christmas everyone! May the rest of your Winter Break be full of relaxation and happiness!

Happy Holidays,


Cindy LeeComment