A Few Pieces of Advice

Im currently in my 3rd year of high school and I have a few very key pieces of information I would like to tell you minors. You can consider this a rant but I hope that at the end of the day, you'll take something from all of this. 

Firstly, -and this happens to be the most important one- grades arent everything. Im even tempted to say that they dont matter. This will be hard to believe, but seriously, you think only good grades can get you into your dream school? Lets face it, there are tons of students out there who have good grades (maybe even better than yours), and at the end of the day, you need to make yourself different from them to be noticed. Sure, if you're getting below provincial standard, your grades may need improvement, but do you honestly think that working your butt off to go from a 92% to a 94% is really going to make a difference in your university application? Im going to tell you right now, its not.

Secondly, dont join extracurriculars you are not passionate about. Sure, if you want to try some things out for the first time, go for it! What I mean is dont try to join everything just for the hell of it. Quantity does not equal quality. You may know that person who's in every single club and every single team but trust me, they wont get the credibility they deserve by doing that. Spending hours after school in teams/ clubs for the sake of "resume-building" wastes time and you cant major in an "all rounder" degree in university now, can you?

Thirdly, if you are able to find a part time job or coop position, do it! Dont turn down job offers because of your will to maintain good grades. Remember what I said before. The fact is a part time job shows you a glimpse of the real world, the world that doesnt give you grades (maybe youll realize the value of good grades then), the world that often doesnt give you second chances. Take a step into this world and you'll develop the real things universities are looking for: leadership, communication, and responsibility.

Lastly, on a lighter note,  never back away on something because you dont have enough time. Trust me, the biggest asset in your life right now is time. Dont give up on  learning that new instrument, starting a new novel, painting that picture because tasks like these may help you discover your niche. By that, I mean what makes you different from everyone else. What makes you special, what will make universities interested in you. I enjoy this comparison that someone once told me: universities are like collectors, they are looking for something special to add to their collection. If they believe that you are special enough for them to want to add you to their collection, then they will do anything to get you. This is where the scholarships and grants and awards come in, my friend. 

Dont take my words too seriously. After all, I have done every single thing that Ive told you not to do so far haha. Trust me, my words may be harsh but at least some of it rings truth.

I won't make any quirky conclusions this time,


Husayn Jamal4 Comments