THE 2015 ICE GALA!!!

Got nothing to do this Winter Break? Dying to wear that cute dress? Ready to meet some new people?

Well, good news - the ICE Gala is here!!!

On Saturday, December 19, the FCSS-FESC will be hosting the ICE Gala at The 519, located at 519 Church St. right by Wellesley Subway Station in the heart of downtown. Join us for a delicious buffet dinner and networking session with youth from around the GTA from 7 to 10 pm. ICE Gala is open to all secondary students. If you’re in grade 9 or 10, keep in mind that it’s never too early to explore the opportunities available to you. This is a unique event that gives you the chance to relax and prepare for your future at the same time.

But that’s not all. You’ll have access to exclusive resources, advice, and motivation from over 10 engaging youth panelists. They are all well-known inspiring Canadian icons of success, so this is a prime opportunity for you to meet and talk to some of them:

  • Jerry Zhang--Founder of Finchway Group, former DECA Ontario President
  • Michelle Sempowski--former CEO of OSTA-AECO, Student Trustee
  • Trevor Sookraj--former President of OSTA-AECO, Student Trustee
  • Kourosh Houshmand--Founder of Solar for Life
  • David Kwok--Founder of ZerotoStartup
  • Kathryn Gamis--President of SAGE Canada
  • Theo Poenaru--former Vice Chair of CYCTO, Founder of the Willowdale Young Liberals
  • Diane Huang--President of Creativity Through Arts Markham
  • Katie Chen--Student Senate Vice President at the TDSB
  • Daniel Barakin--CEO of Academic Nexus
  • Andre Bertram--CEO of Helpwear
  • Bianca Pisciola--Founder of One Silver Lining

So get your tickets now, lovelies! For just $15, you’ll be getting food, speakers, networking, and an unforgettable experience. You can buy them here: Thank you to everyone who has already bought their ticket! We’ll send you virtual hugs and kisses!!!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. Check off that you're coming to our gala at, and invite your friends too. Come network and chill with us and end 2015 with a start!

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