Social Envy. There's a Solution!

Honestly, with the internet and all the different social media outlets, life has become one big competition with people trying to outdo and top each other. I'm mainly going to focus on the subject of social media envy and give my opinion on it. Again, I may sound harsh and negative (its becoming my style lately) but please don't take anything personally.

Ok, so we've all compared marks with friends at school. You get a 93% on a test and feel quite proud until your friend exclaims that they got a 96%. Your pride diminishes and you're left wondering how you could have possibly felt proud about that 93 in the first place. 

But on social media, this problem is taken to a whole new level. People posting accomplishments of every kind ranging from marks, job acceptances, university offers, athletics, and so forth. Of course I'm not the type of person that believes sharing your accomplishments is a bad thing. No, its your social media. Do whatever you want with it. However, the major problem here lies with the people viewing those accomplishments on their feed and feeling depressed/envious that they don't have that kind of success in their lives. Trust me, I've been there. Seeing friends post their success stories, anywhere from getting accepted into Princeton to passing music exams that I never could,  has really made me question the accomplishments in my life and simply... I began devaluing them. Now this blog isn't about me telling you about my sad life. Its above me giving you advice about how (if you were ever in the same situation) could get out of your hole, like I have. 

There are only 2 ways to really get out of this dark, dark hole and the people who live extraordinary lives know all about these methods. Working in combination, these methods could potentially change your life! So, what are they?

First, you've got to discover yourself. I know it sounds weird but what I mean is that you must understand your skills and weaknesses. Sure, maybe you know someone that studied 2 hours for the SATs and got 2350. But you're not that person. You're you. Set realistic goals for yourself that you may actually be able to achieve. Sure, there are people out there who may have more accomplishments than you but you have to realize that their success doesn't depreciate the things you have to offer. Their 96% doesn't turn your 93% into garbage. 

Secondly and most importantly, if you wan't your own success story (your own accomplishments that you can be proud of), then get off your computer screen and go do it! Everything single accomplishment you've seen others achieve are all (I guarantee you) backed by tons and tons and tons of hard work! You think someone wins a national volunteer award overnight? If you want the recognition that you've seen others achieve, then go earn it! Start that non-profit organization you've always dreamed of (hehe Roman), spend a few extra hours studying for that course you're not particularly good at... just start! The hardest part is convincing yourself you can do it! An idea fueled with passion and effort is the recipe for success and even if you don't win first place it competition, your efforts will all eventually pay off. Sounds too good to be true? Well, how would you know if you don't give it a shot yourself? 

Live life to the fullest,



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