The Comprehensive FCSS-FESC School Masterpost

The workload is piling up. Your teachers seem to be hurling tests and projects at you, and oftentimes you can’t handle them well enough and they hit you in the face. Competition stresses you out, but you just can’t find the motivation to get any work done. Sometimes you wonder, when was the last time I had my life together?

Remember Hannah said in our last post that “you’re far from alone when it comes to stress survival: resources are everywhere!”? Well, a good place to find resources is RIGHT HERE! We, your kind Blog Managers, have created a masterpost of links on most aspects of school: studying, extracurriculars, de-stressing, etc. So without further ado, let me present to you the Comprehensive FCSS-FESC School Masterpost!

Note: Items labelled * are apps/have an app version.

Free E-Books & Textbooks




  • WordReference* -- Your online dictionary for learners of English, French, Spanish, Italian, and more.
  • DuoLingo -- Learn a new language.
  • VTFC Conjugaison* -- French verb conjugator.
  • SpanishDict* -- Spanish dictionary with conjugations, example sentences, culture tidbits, and more!
  • RFI Musique -- Francophone Music


  • Criticalpast-- Massive database of historical photos/videos from 1890-1990.
  • Library and Archives Canada-- All the primary documents you’re going to need when you write a history essay.
  • Scholarpedia -- For the times when your teacher says “Wikipedia isn’t a legitimate source.”
  • Wolfram Alpha -- Access to the world’s facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics.
  • Citation Machine -- Citation and a full automatic bibliography maker; includes format options such as MLA , APA, Chicago, Turabian, and even more!

Crash Courses

Presentation & Design

  • LucidChart  -- Make flowcharts, network diagrams, sitemaps, etc.
  • PowerPoint substitutes:
    • Prezi
    • Emaze -- Advance animation and templates that will make your presentation more engaging!
    • Haiku Deck -- Choose from many aesthetically-pleasing templates!
  • Popplet: The easy way to brainstorming.
  • Canva*-- Graphic design and photo editing app.
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw* -- Create stunning images on your tablet.

Guides to your Extracurriculars

Studying for Tests and Exams

Standardized Testing


Productivity & Organization

Mental Health


  • Transit App*
    • For a full list of Canadian cities that Transit App supports, click here.
  • Print Friendly -- Make any website print-friendly.
  • Mint -- For budgeting your money.

If you have something you would like to see on the list, drop by and let us know at the comment section!

And remember this: secondary school is hard, but that only means that you need to be extra-smart and extra-resourceful to survive.

Go forth and conquer,