The Season of Giving—Back to the Community!

Happy December, friends! ‘Tis the month of celebration and giving — which is why this week’s blog post is all about giving back to your community through volunteer work!

Here are some sources to help you get started in your volunteering endeavours:

Volunteer Canada:

An online resource detailed with information, volunteerism awards, as well as a directory of local volunteer centres.

Canada Volunteer Directory:

A list of volunteer opportunities all across Canada! Results can be narrowed down by location and category to find a position suited for you.

Organizations and Institutions:

Volunteer opportunities may lie within your own community! Find an organization which interests you: it could be a hospital, library, charity, etc. Even if no volunteer offers are currently posted, it never hurts to contact organizations about possible positions. In fact, by taking the initiative to ask, some of my friends even volunteered as assistants in research labs of local college professors!

So whether you’re applying to become a volunteer or inquiring about opportunities, be sure to clearly state who you are, why you’re interested in volunteering for the organization, and which skills you can contribute or hope to develop through volunteering. For more information, check out Jessica’s post for tips on writing an outstanding application!

Student Organizations:

Volunteering with other youth is a win-win situation: you share your inner creativity and leadership with others to produce meaningful impacts. Chances are, there are various youth groups in your own community! I may be biased, but there’s an amazing youth volunteer organization which you should DEFINITELY join, called FCSS-FESC! ;)

Volunteer AND Travel:

If you’re looking to expand your horizons, numerous organizations offer opportunities for youth to volunteer abroad! For instance, ME to WE’s summer volunteer trips allow students to “travel with a purpose” to a destination of their choice. This is a great opportunity to explore a new culture while creating positive change. However, keep in mind that the cost of travelling can be quite expensive -- some organizations offer bursaries, but oftentimes participants must fundraise on their own to help cover the expenses.

Volunteering can take on all shapes and forms, so go out there and find your calling! Life-changing experiences, lasting friendships, and unique, hands-on learning opportunities await.


All the best,