Announcing the Student Bill of Rights


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Introducing the Student Bill of Rights

Standing Up for the Rights of Students Across Canada

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, FEBRUARY 4, 2017 – For the past few months, the Federation of Canadian Secondary Students | Fédération des Élèves du Secondaire au Canada has tirelessly dedicated itself to the creation of Canada’s first ever Student Bill of Rights.

The Student Bill of Rights will protect over five million students enrolled in secondary schools, outlining each and every one of the basic rights they deserve for an equitable education. This includes: Fundamental Rights, Accessibility Rights, Equality Rights, Fair Standards, and Utility Rights.

The Student Bill of Rights will advocate for universal standards for assessment and evaluation, equal accessibility to enriched education through extracurricular experiences, empowerment through public consultation with students as to the education system, and a recognition of the unique needs of every student.

This is necessary in eliminating challenges and equalizing opportunities for all students, regardless of geography, ethnicity, financial situation, or any barriers that exist. Without students worrying about the disparities that exist within our education, they are more likely to be successful both in school, and when entering post-secondary or the workplace.

Although Canada has made progress in creating avenues for student voice, there has been limited recognition of the day-to-day rights students deserve. The FCSS-FESC strives to use this momentum to create a movement for the formalization of student rights nationwide.

As students, we should and need to have a platform to voice our opinions in order to truly take action in improving our education system. Through the Student Bill of Rights, I believe we can make a difference in our own learning.
— Eva Ren, Vice-Chair of the Student Rights Committee

Thus far, the FCSS-FESC has released the first draft of the Student Bill of Rights in order to allow for consultation with students across Canada. Student feedback is a vital part of the process of having a fully representative Bill, and FCSS-FESC has already received over 6,000 visits to the website.
A Student Forum will be held in Toronto in late March to create a platform for student discussion and debate as to the Student Bill of Rights. This Form is expected to host over a hundred students. It will be focused on collecting suggestions as to additions and amendments to the Bill, in the hopes of making the Bill more representative of the diverse student voice.
Any interested students are welcomed to visit the website, fill out the survey, or attend the forum. The FCSS-FESC hopes individuals would be willing to collaborate and share in its enthusiasm for this Bill, in order to empower and strengthen student voice across Canada.
In the future, the FCSS-FESC will lobby provincial and federal authorities for the legislative adoption of this Bill. The Federation hopes Canadian citizens will be equally driven towards creating a better future for all secondary students.
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