Ask the FCSS-FESC: Edition 1

Welcome to the first ever edition of Ask FCSS-FESC! We the blog managers thoroughly enjoyed reading your wonderful questions and comments. Without further ado, here are some of our favourites:

Can I write for the FCSS-FESC Blog?

Absolutely yes! In fact, if you live in Ontario, an opportunity to write for this blog is coming right up: the 2017 Ontario Ambassador Programme is open! As a Student Ambassador, you will be able to write posts concerning whatever topics you are passionate about — be it mental health, student empowerment, or relationship management — and we will post them for you. (The perks of being a Student Ambassador don’t end there: you can also join committees based on your interests and gain leadership and organizational skills!) However, if you have a busy schedule this semester, consider applying for the Blog Manager position when the applications for executive positions open this August. All in all, we look forward to seeing you on our team!


Do you guys participate in any extracurricular activities beside FCSS-FESC? I’m doing a lot of academics and extracurriculars, and finding it increasingly difficult to balance everything. Got any tips?

I’m a member of my school’s Model United Nations team and DECA chapter, while Hannah writes in her school’s newspaper and participates in the Bridge club.

I used to feel the exact way you feel right now: swarmed by a cloud of work, not knowing if the ever-flowing stream of commitments was going to end. I went through my agenda and looked through all my commitments. I realized that I was simply cramming too much into too little time; so, I chose 3-4 involvements that I absolutely enjoy dedicating my energy to and stopped doing the rest. I think you will benefit from doing the same thing that I did. Participating in extracurricular activities should be a way to take your mind off the stress of school, not to wear yourself out. Also, don’t worry about not having anything to put on your university application: universities care about the quality of your extracurriculars — what you learned from them, how they have shaped you — not the quantity.


How are you going to enact the Student Bill of Rights?

Forum: Student Bill of Rights is the very first step in our plan of making the Bill become a reality in Canadian schools. We are hosting this public consultation to gain the opinions of stakeholders in the education system, which is YOU!

After the consultation, we will make adjustments to the first draft of the Bill of Rights. After this new draft, we will be garnering support for the Bill through asking signatures and contacting news outlets to publicize it. With enough support, we aim to present the document to the Ontario Ministry of Education — and eventually, the ministries of other provinces and territories — and ask them to adopt the Bill.


I know it’s for a great cause, but Forum seems kind of daunting. I’m not really a leader… Should I still come?

If you believe that there are improvements needed in your educational environment and you want to initiate them, then yes, you should come to Forum. You are already a leader. A leader is not someone who stands on a podium and bosses everyone around; it is someone who is willing to make a change and  inspires the best out of everyone. You might not think so now, but the students of the future will be positively affected by your participation today. Come to Forum — you’re not going to regret it.


Just wondering: why is the name of your organization so long?

As a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the federal government of Canada, our name must be in both of the official languages. Hence, it is shortened to FCSS-FESC.


Do you have a question about the FCSS-FESC and what we do? Then submit your questions and comments to Ask FCSS-FESC! Looking forward to reading the second round of submissions!


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