Fantastic Inspirations and Where to Find Them

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I couldn’t think of anything to write for this week’s blog post.  I sat in front of my laptop for hours, juggling ideas while my motivation levels dipped lower by the minute. How to conquer your fear of public speaking? Okay, good idea, but I couldn't think of an original approach to it. Productivity? Me, who is behind on sleep and does homework on the morning bus? I’m definitely not qualified to advise on this topic. I was stuck. Completely out of inspiration.

As a student, feeling stumped and uncreative is unfortunately a common occurrence to me; I struggle to come up with creative ideas for a presentation, original approaches to an essay topic, or possible fundraisers for a club. We all need inspiration to solve complex problems, make decisions, and excel in our endeavours. Contrary to popular opinion, inspiration never appears out of thin air — but with a little time and searching in the right places, you’ll easily find them!


1. Turn on some music.

Music is great way to change your mood! After long periods of thinking, your mind may be sluggish and on the verge of shutting down; at this moment, all it takes will be a song to invigorate your brain and get you ready to work again. Music also has the ability to transport you to a particular time and place, which can get your creative juices flowing! Find music that reflects what you are writing about, and you’re good to go! To find the perfect piece, look to our previous blog post on creating the perfect study playlist(s).


2. Pen. Paper. Go.

Grab a pen and and a blank sheet of paper. First, write the topic you’re thinking about in the centre of the paper. Then, set your timer to three minutes, and write everything you can think of that is related to the subject. When the timer rings, revisit your list; you will find that coming up with ideas is a lot easier now! This is exactly what I did to come up with the topic of this post. In fact, one of the first words I had written was “lack of inspiration.” Thus, when your brain refuses to function, brainstorming provides it with a spark to get it going again.


3. Read.

Books are filled with imagination and ideas, both fantastical and experience-tested. With all that creativity, you’re sure to find an inspiring idea that you could rework to fit your project perfectly!


4. Take a break and browse the internet.

The internet is the world’s largest source of information. Immerse yourself into a series of clicks and URLs that might just lead you to a great idea! If you feel like your inspiration is not serious or legitimate enough, always remember that my inspiration for one of my blog posts came from a meme about Donald Trump.


5. Talk to others!

Have a conversation with your friends to share your ideas and talk about various experiences; some of the brightest sparks come from impromptu and stimulating chats. You can merge two related ideas into one, better idea!


Hope that the light bulb pops up soon!

-- Jessica