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Study on the Current State and Future of Blended Learning | FCSS-FESC

For the past several months, the Federation of Canadian Secondary Students-Fédération des Élèves du Secondaire au Canada (FCSS-FESC) has been working to collect, compile, and tabulate data for its Study on how blended learning has been received by students, its adoption by school boards to facilitate learning, and overall sentiments from both teachers and students on the current state and direction of blended learning courses for secondary students/

Today, we are proud to announce that through the dedication of the Federation's Research Chair, Katherine Gotovsky, and the Standing Committee on Policy, the FCSS-FESC can publish its findings.

The full 13-page publication in its entirety contains background information, summaries of statistics, and in-depth analyses on the effects of blended learning and how it compares to other distance education delivery methods, including pure eLearning or massive open online courses (MOOCs). This is then compared to how well these options facilitate student success and engagement in secondary school. The study can be accessed, viewed, and downloaded below. For questions or to obtain publication and reproduction right, please email contact@fcss-fesc.ca