Stop Procrastinating: A Reminder

It all began with a cat video...

Or was it the Facebook notification?

Or the hour-long snack break?

I’m not quite sure how, but I do know that the black hole of procrastination gets me almost every single time, sometimes to such an extent that it’s a miracle if I get anything done at all! But from one procrastinator to another, let me tell you something I’ve realized: the secret to stopping procrastination is simply to stop procrastinating.

Sure, there are some great apps which can help you block distracting sites and encourage you to stay focused, and there are planning strategies and alarms for time management -- but at the end of the day, it’s still up to you. You have the power to stop procrastinating. You have control: over your mind, over your actions, even over your binge-watching obsession with cooking videos -- although maybe that’s just me. Sometimes we simply need a reminder, and so, this is a little nudge directed at you (yes, you there with the disheveled hair and dark eye circles) to pull out your plans for the day, and focus.

Keep in mind that self-discipline comes with practice. Get into the habit of giving yourself these reminders. Give yourself a mental countdown: “In ten seconds, I will stop procrastinating”, or a reward, for example, an hour of focused studying warrants a nice snack break. You’d be surprised how similar the process of stopping procrastination is to the slippery slope that is procrastination -- once you begin, it becomes easier over time.

So, close your social media and any other distractions. That wasn’t very difficult, was it? Think of one task to focus on. Now stop reading this blog post, and go tackle that task! I believe in you.

~ Hannah

Hannah NieComment