Unique Activities to Try Out This Winter

Usually, when people think of winter, they think of the cold weather and spending most of their time indoors. However, there are other things to try out this winter season besides sitting at home wrapped up in a blanket next to the fireplace and sipping hot chocolate. Try to take advantage of winter! Here are some activities for you to try out.

1. Outdoor Skating

As the weather starts getting colder, outdoor skating rinks start opening up. These are mostly free to use and offer the unique experience of skating without the atmosphere of an indoor arena. There’s something special about the fresh air and openness of outdoor skating. It also gives something to do while conversing with friends, and family. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in try out, a quick google search can give a list of locations near you that offer this.

2. Tubing

Another activity to try out this winter is snow tubing. This is essentially a faster, smoother, more exhilarating, grown-up version of tobogganing. There no skill required and is relatively cheap. It involves getting in a giant tire and sliding down a hill. They offer this are various ski resorts and it’s definitely something to experience!

3. Building an Igloo

This can be done almost anywhere, as long as the snow conditions are correct. The snow has to be “packing snow” or snow that is close to its melting point. This is the snow that sticks together. Building an igloo can be a great bonding experience with both family and friends. If interested, here is a simple guide to building your first igloo this winter! http://boyslife.org/hobbies-projects/projects/6793/how-to-build-an-igloo/

4. Ice fishing

Ice fishing isn’t just some hipster activity for hardcore Canadians, it’s something the average person can enjoy as well. However, be sure to take precautionary action in case something does go wrong, as this activity has some risks associated with it. Be sure to inform someone of where you’re going and for how long, so they will be able to notify authorities if you do not return on time. Also, going with a buddy is always safer, as you’ll be able to help each other out in case something goes wrong. Consider getting a flotation suit to keep you afloat in case you go through the ice. Don’t get me wrong, this activity isn’t SUPER risky, but these are necessary precautions in case something happens. This is an experience unique to areas with cold winters. Some quick google searches can bring you the needed information to begin ice fishing.