A Much-Needed Message to Students

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It seems like the blog managers of the FCSS-FESC have dropped off the face of the Earth, but fear not loyal readers, we are here. Life is chaotic, which is what resulted in this brief hiatus.

Harrison and I are both in the IB program, so we have just recently finished our exams. For most of you who are in academic programs, your exams are rapidly approaching.

Regardless of your pathway, this message pertains to everyone reading. If you feel stress, anxiety, or peril with the thought of exam results, this message is for you.

You might be exhausted, overwhelmed, or facing a severe case of senioritis at this point in the semester, but remember that it will all be over soon.

Along with the functions of lysosomes, derivatives, titration calculations, or the central themes of Macbeth, keep it in your head that your results are not a measure of your intelligence. Instead, they are a measure of your ability to take tests. There is no exam or evaluation that will even come close to showing what you are capable of or the life that is waiting for you.

Instead, think about your education, and how it has given you the capacity to raise your voice and make your presence known. Through the way you communicate, the use of your words or language, the way you create, and the way your mind works, your education has helped you discover yourself.

Your time in high school has shown you that setbacks are temporary, disappointment doesn’t last, and courage can lift you out of anywhere. You have been given opportunities to flourish your resilience and wisdom about the work It has given you insight that can only come from experience. 

They can't test you as a person. Your potential, creativity, and intelligence can't be broken down and averaged out into a score out of 100. At the end of the day, they're just numbers.

Everybody has it in them to be great at something. So even when it feels hopeless, just know that there's a whole world ahead of you. So, don't fret. Don't let an exam tell you any different, and don't let any bends in the road discourage you from your journey.

From all of us at FCSS-FESC,

You've got this.



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