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FUSE Society was founded on the idea of relevance. When the co-founders found themselves with a growing interest for business, they immediately pursued a variety of initiatives that gave them the chance to experience the real world business world. From conferences to case competitions, such events brought like-minded individuals together in the pursuit of leadership opportunities and professional development. However, this soon paved the way for a visible dilemma.

The problem? It was the same attendees every time.

Now, why is this a point of issue? As co-founder Gamay Ngai puts it, “the skills that are gained from such experiences are beneficial for all. The non-inclusive environment and lack of resources for aspiring students builds a barrier that prevents them from participating in business.” Thus, using the skills that were gained through other extracurricular activities, it was unanimously decided upon to create FUSE Society - an inclusive youth organization that focuses on the now.

The organization, in essence, is dedicated to providing career-advancing opportunities to youth. Our members range from high school to first-year university students, with an incredible array of personalities and passions (tech, finance, law, you name it). We represent all walks of life - from schools to languages, ages to perspectives, FUSE Society is proud to house the next generation of world-shakers.

(And yes, if this sounds like you, reach out to us! We love to hear from ambitious and motivated individuals. You guys are awesome.)

United by a belief in the power of the rapidly changing world, our organization aims to bridge the gap between theory and industry. Our academic division, filled with some of the brightest and most driven youth from across the country, works fervently to develop a hands-on, case-based business curriculum. And to top it off? Our team organizes some pretty incredible events too (seriously, go check them out). From conferences to case competitions, FUSE Society has a strong history of collaborating with companies and institutions such as TransPod, Wealthsimple, and Simon Fraser University.  

However, not everything has been smooth-sailing. Yes, youth organizations are rarely capable of making a lasting impact. And yes, whether it be from lack of funding, a loss of direction, or the spurred illegitimacy of public adversary, many youth-led organizations fail to survive beyond three years of operation. FUSE has experienced a fair share of these problems. But, after two years of hard work (including endless nights, worry, and long conference calls), the organization is fortunate to be thriving under the guidance of the board of directors and national executives. Especially with operations in four provinces, and a reach of over 60,000 individuals through various events and initiatives (wow, indeed).    


Intrigued? Join our movement - we would love to have you.

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