Healthy Drinks for Students


As students, we often find that our minds are occupied with various academic pressures and extra-curricular strains. As such, what little energy we have left is certainly not going to be spent on the small nuisances of life - such as picking the correct beverage.

After a lot night of homework, studying and exercising, any cold drink from the fridge will do, whether it be soda or bottled juices. However, what’s important to realize is that what you drink is just as important as what you’re eating - it’s not enough to just eat healthy, one must also drink healthy.

When I tell people that there are more than 16 teaspoons of sugar in a 20 ounce (oz) bottle of cola, they’re shocked. It’s just so easy to overdo it on both sugar and calories.
— Kelly Kennedy, nutritionist for Everyday Health

In fact, a study published in November 2013 in the American Journal of Public Health has linked soda intake to an increased risk in heart disease, obesity and diabetes.Indeed, it’s very easy to misjudge the amount of sugar and other harmful substances that may be in our favourite drinks. As such, everyone should be mindful of everything that they’re consuming, including drinks. So here are some of my favourite drinks - some great alternatives to soda.

1. Water

You can never go wrong with old faithful, especially considering how essential it is for our bodies to function properly! Make sure that you drink enough every day until you feel like you'd had enough. We won't push you on how many glasses of water you should drink (since there is some dispute on that) but make try to have at least two glasses every day. 

2. Infused Water

Spice up your life with infused water! In case you don’t know what this is, this is the drink that’s got fruits and vegetable slice floating around inside it. Also known as detox water, it’s simple to make, healthy and delicious. Simply take a jug of cold water, add ice and then add slices of your favourite fruit or vegetables. My favourite combination for this drink is orange slices with blueberry, it has the sweet taste with none of the processed sugars. You can also toss in fresh herbs like mint and basil for a refreshing taste!

3. Green Tea

Not only have studies shown that this green has a variety of health benefits such as reducing risks for cancer and obesity, this classic tastes refreshing. Green tea is calorie free (without added sugar or milk) and is very simple to make, only needing boiling water and tea leaves (or tea bags). It can even be stored and taken cold is you so choose to do so. Sugar (or zero calorie alternatives) and milk can be added to taste.

4. Mint Tea

Many athletes can support me on this claim: cramps suck. Mint tea is a healthy drink that helps ease cramps and combats indigestion. It helps to relax muscles and wards off stiffness and aches caused by exercising. This drink leaves a refreshing aftertaste and allows you to exercise more enjoyably and cramp-free!