How to Make Money in High School


Money seems to disappear like a magic act while navigating school, and trying to come up with ways to earn money while balancing academics and extracurriculars seems impossible. Part time jobs, with their rigid schedules and low wages, are often not a very good fit for a student’s lifestyle. However, there are a few ways that students can pocket some extra cash.


Do you play a musical instrument or have another skill? You can capitalize on this opportunity by teaching to kids in your community. There are a couple of ways to facilitate this. The first is to work through another company. Say you have a passion for dance and take ballet classes at a certain studio. You could inquire about teaching your own preschool ballet class. This is a great way, not only to build up your leadership experience, but to gain first hand experience working with youth. If working at a studio or school is not for you, another option is to teach one-on-one. Putting up signs in your building and ads on Facebook are easy ways to get your name out there. When you land your first lesson, establish a plan with the parents and assess what level your student is at. Then, enjoy watching them progress!


A great way to use your knowledge in a subject to help others. Plus, you retain 95% of the information you teach others so you will be further cementing your expertise. To gain clients, put up posters at your school as well as other middle and elementary schools. Try inquiring with the principals if you can advertise through announcements that are sent home to parents. Once you have gained students, use a distraction-free location, such as a library, to set up your meetings. Then get teaching.

One-time Jobs

These are an unsteady source of income but are handy because you are never locked into a schedule. However, these jobs can be hard to come by. Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook are all good places to look for odd job offerings. You can also post on these sites that you are looking to pick up work and can give potential customers a list of jobs you would be willing to do. I have had great luck with this technique, one time I ended up with a couple of hundred dollars from working an election!