RE: Recent Funding Cuts to Educational Programs


YanLing Chen
Executive Director
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2018

RE: Recent Funding Cuts to Educational Programs (Other)

TORONTO, ONTARIO, DECEMBER 20, 2018 — On Friday evening, the Ontario provincial government announced that they would be cutting $25 million from the Education Programs – Other (EPO) fund. The reduced funding will affect the province’s 72 school boards differently. The programs that will be cancelled immediately include:

  • Focus on Youth after school.

  • Tutors in the Classrooms.

  • Experiential Learning for Adults.

  • Indigenous Focused Collaborative Inquiry.

  • Daily Physical Activity – Elementary.

  • Physical Activity for Secondary Students.

  • Speak Up.

The Focus on Youth program was started in response to deadly gun violence involving Toronto youth and provides after school programming and employment opportunities for at-risk students in high-needs neighbourhoods. The Indigenous Focused Collaborative Inquiry program supports the recommendations laid out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that more Indigenous perspectives be taught in schools. The cancellation of these programs will affect underserved students the most.

The Well-Being: Safe, Accepting and Healthy Schools and Mental Health program will see its funding reduced. The Federation of Canadian Secondary Students | Fédération des élèves du secondaire au Canada has been an advocate for promoting mental well-being in schools and is disappointed by this move. We urge the provincial government to consider mental health and well-being a priority and to ensure that sufficient funding is allocated towards these much-needed programs.

The funding cuts were announced before the For the Parents public consultation concluded on Saturday. This calls into question whether or not these consultations will have a significant influence on the decisions being made on education by the provincial government.

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