Step Into a New Semester on the Right Foot


For those of us in a semestered school system, a new semester is upon us! Now, you might be pumped up and motivated to do well right now, but as the semester drags on, that motivation can be easily lost. There's no easy way to accept that new classes, teachers, and maybe even classmates can make for a stressful school life, but there are always tips and tricks to make the ride a little smoother.

Find your classes beforehand!

It can always be daunting to have new classes and not know where they are located. It's never a bad idea to look around your school and at least get a general idea for where your classes will be, and maybe even plan out a route to ensure that you arrive on time for all your lessons.

Set up a calendar!

Calendars never fail to aid in organization. Having a calendar to note assignment due dates, important and upcoming events, and extracurricular activities can help you better plan out your days and make sure that you can meet all your deadlines. Managing your time may be a big issue in a new semester, especially one jam-packed with all sorts of things to do. Even something as simple as setting up a daily to-do list can help you get more done in a day.

Clean out your backpack

If you take a backpack to school, chances are it's filled with crumpled up notes, broken pencils, an maybe a few granola bar wrappers. Take a moment to clean it out, maybe find that old test you never want to look at again, and reorganize it to your liking. Make sure you have everything you might need when coming back to school.

Review material

If you have an idea of what your classes will cover, go over those topics briefly. Even if you're just watching a YouTube video from CrashCourse, getting a foundation for your understanding will make the learning process a lot easier, rather than jumping into content as soon as school starts up again.

These are just a few things that you can do. They may seem trivial, but small actions have big impacts. From both of the Blog Managers at FCSS-FESC, we wish you all the best in the new semester! Good luck!