Ready for ICE? Ready for ICE.

You might have noticed a buzz going on about some ICE Conference. ICE? Is it about the fact that Canada has basically suffered an eternal winter? Despite the -in-accuracy of that statement, no its not. Lets cut down to the chase. ICE Is an acronym for Inspire, Collaborate, and Excel. Yep, its a Youth Conference. 

The ICE Conference will focus on the areas of STEM, Business/Entrepreneurship, and Social Activism. There will be workshops in these fields lead by professionals in the industry. You will have the chance to meet other students interested in the same field of study. The networking, oh the networking. Lastly, there will be amazing keynote speakers that will present their journey into the industry and give priceless advice. 

That is the basic gist of the conference. The executives at the OOSS have worked their butts off the past couple months to bring this conference to you. Take a chance! It might change your life! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. 

Hope to see you there

Husayn Jamal1 Comment