Introduction to the life of a dreamer… oh yeah, and the OOSS of course

 “You have to dream before your dreams can come true” –A.P Kalam

Of course I will start an intro with a typical inspirational quote. Hey, give me a break. When your boss tells you to write an interesting and creative blog entry in a day while also trying to manage the mess that is your high school life, your creative brain dies and you end up conforming.


^This is a representation of what I wanted my high school life to be like.

^ This is what it actually turned out to be


So, I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Rose Shao/ I’m the Blog Manager for the OOSS. My hobbies include eating, anime, visual arts, business, and listening to music in languages I don’t understand and trying to sing along (I’m talking to you, K-Pop fans).  This blog will generally be focused on student initiative, empowerment, and all those other goodies, my writers (Cheryl Puzon) and I will try our absolute best to make it as entertaining as possible, and help you see a little of what the typical Ontario student goes through every day.

The OOSS is a youth-run non-profit organization consisting of students from all over Ontario, which strives to forge a network between Ontario secondary students in order to strengthen and promote student voice, leadership, proactivity, and social change,  and to empower student initiatives that are making positive changes within their schools and beyond. Well, that’s at least what it says on our business cards. A fun fact about the OOSS from an insider:

Our executive team chats WAY too much on Facebook with most of their vocabulary consisting of “bae.” (Really a tight-knit group, we are)

Lastly, because this indeed is a blog about student empowerment, I’ll leave you off with a theory created by Drew Dudley:

The theory is called “The List.” According to Drew, everyone has a list of things that they think they need to do in order for their lives to be considered a success. Deviating from that list isn’t just reckless, it’s “downright stupid.” You might be thinking to yourself: nope, that’s not me. That theory doesn’t apply to me at all! Well, think again after I show you the list:


  •  Go to kindergarten and play nice
  •  Go to elementary school and do what the teacher tells you
  •  Go to high school so you can go to university
  •  Go to university so you can go to grad school
  •  Graduate grad school so you can get a big fat starting salary
  •  Get promoted
  •  Get yourself into a serious long term relationship
  •  Get promoted
  •  Get married
  •  Get promoted
  •  Have kids
  •  Get promoted a few more times
  •  Retire and;
  •  Make sure your kids do the exact same thing


Does this list seem a little bit more relatable now? I’ll leave you off with a link of Drew’s TED Conference discussing his theory and how, by not following that list, has made all the difference in his life.


Ciao and I’ll see you soon,