Are you ready Ontario? Because the OOSS is!

Hi everyone! My name’s Cindy Lee and I’ll be your Blog Manager for the 2015/ 16 school year.

So whether you’re here because you’re new, or you’re just doing a thorough research project of the OOSS fam – good for you for stopping at the blog. Here, you can read about upcoming student opportunities, full info about strikes, and… food! (Seriously, I will find a way to write about food.)

Anyways, let’s get back on topic: the OOSS and what it’ll do for you. This year, we have hundreds of new ideas and thousands of opportunities. They’re so exciting and brilliant that they’re worth ranting about! But… sigh. My lips are sealed. You’ll have to go to the OOSS events yourself to find out about them! And you won’t regret it, I promise. In fact, I can just picture the astounded looks on your faces when you visit the first event! And the year will just get better and better people!

Alright, so get ready Ontario!! A new dawn is coming and you’re going to be absolutely flabbergasted!!!

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