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Donald Trump and Feeling "Not Qualified Enough"

Although each of us have differing opinions on the extent of Trump’s qualification for Presidency, we have all shared one sentiment from time to time: the nagging feeling that we are “not qualified" for a position. It’s time to put an end to that. You need to go for that opportunity even if you don’t feel that you’re “good enough”.


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2016-2017: The FCSS-FESC's Greatest Year Yet

What exactly is this FCSS-FESC, you ask? Our full name would be the Federation of Canadian Secondary Students - Fédération des Élèves du Secondaire au Canada, and we are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization lead by youth, dedicated to amplifying student voice and empowering students. Through our advocacy, we want to ensure that every secondary student has the tools to be successful in their high school endeavours and beyond.

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