Project Demystify


Today’s students have more questions than ever about their education system. What are the rights they can hold and demand? What behaviours can they expect from teachers in the classroom? How does the education system ensure they are being assessed fairly and properly?

The answers to these questions are not always clear. In fact, they’re often buried in lengthy policy documents, filled with confusing technical jargon. Our committee aims to make these policies -- policies that dictate student experience in our country -- more accessible to the people who need them most. Let’s put an end to misconceptions.

What We Do

Members of this committee conduct thorough research on policies designed by provincial Ministries of Education in an attempt to answer student questions and address common misconceptions. Past examples include:

  • What guidelines must schools follow to ensure fair and equitable student evaluations?

  • What is the government doing to promote education on reserves?

  • How do I become a Student Trustee?

  • Are teachers allowed to assign homework over school breaks?

  • What is streaming, and why does it exist?

Then, we simplify the policy to make it easier to understand - strip it of its technical language, put in layman’s terms, and accompany it with images and infographics. Using this visual medium, we’re able to show you the big picture. Each infographic is rigorously fact-checked and accompanied by a list of resources where you can access the information we used. 

Ultimately, we want to facilitate communication and transparency between educational institutions and students. For examples of our work, please visit