Student Voice Champion Scholarship

Student voice is a fundamental part of the FCSS-FESC's work and we believe strongly in recognising those students who help further student voice in their schools, communities, provinces, and right across Canada.


Academic Merit Scholarship - $5,000 / 4 years

The Academic Merit Scholarship is tenable at any Canadian public university or college in instalments of $1,250 per academic year for four years, and recognises students who excel in academic pursuits within school and beyond.

Applicants must:

  1. Have either a cumulative average of 90% in all courses or a 95% in all grade 11/12 courses; and
  2. Demonstrate a commitment to student voice.

Community Service Scholarship - $5,000 / 4 years

The Community Service Scholarship is tenable at any Canadian public university or college in instalments of $1,250 per academic year for four years, and recognises students who volunteer and support their communities.

Applicants must:

  1. Have a cumulative average of 75%; 
  2. Have an outstanding record of community service; and
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to student voice.

Past Recipients

Fall 2017 Awards

Cynthia Francis | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Academic Merit Scholarship

Meena Rahmani | Calgary, Alberta | Community Service Scholarship


What is Student Voice?

Student Voice in its most basic form is the assurance that the beliefs, opinions, and concerns of students will be considered by those in a position to make decisions within education, including teachers, school administrators, the Board of Education, and the provincial/territorial Ministry of Education. Any student who has made an impact to help further their own voice in the education system or the voices of others is eligible to apply to the Student Voice Champion Scholarships. This could include establishment of a club to include marginalised students, working with a local school board to enact a change in policy, or taking steps to address other areas in education that the student believes to be important.

Scholarship Timeline

April 4 to April 25: Call for applications
April 14 to May 1: Reference checks
May 2 to May 22: Application judging and selection
May 23: Applicants informed of application status

Eligibility Criteria

Most secondary students in grade 12 or 13 are eligible for at least one of the Student Voice Champion Scholarships. Regardless of where the applicant resides in Canada, they are generally able to apply. At minimum, applicants must: (1) be citizens or permanent residents of Canada, (2) be in their last year of secondary study, (3) be enroled in a public, Catholic, or other independent/private secondary school in their province or territory of residence which may not charge more than $20,000 per academic year in tuition, (4) plan to enter a public university or college within Canada, (5) not have ever been a Class A Member of the Federation, (6) meet the minimum academic requirements of the scholarship to which they are applying, and (7) demonstrate a commitment to furthering student voice. The full terms of scholarship eligibility and characteristics of ideal candidates will be made available to the Committee but are also available in Administrative Procedure 1004. Additionally, all successful recipients of a Student Voice Champion Scholarship must maintain a full-time course load of 80 per cent (60 per cent if disabled) and a 3.0 GPA for each year of post-secondary study. Failure to meet these requirements will result in termination of the Scholarship and reassignment of the remaining funds.

Scholarship Judging

The Standing Committee on Scholarships and Awards of the FCSS-FESC is responsible for judging each application on its merits and the details contained therein. The Committee is chaired by the Federation's Board Chairperson and is comprised of sitting Members of the Board of Directors and the Privy Council acting in an advisory capacity to the President. Scholarships are awarded by decision of the Committee with no opportunity for appeal by applicants.

Privacy of Information

All applicant information, including contact details, personally identifiable information, and academic standing will be kept in strict confidence of the Committee. No person outside the Committee shall have access to such information and all submitted records will be handled under the Protected B protocol of information per the Government of Canada's privacy regulations, and in accordance with the Federation's privacy policy.