Student Voice Champion Scholarships

Student voice is a fundamental part of the FCSS-FESC's work and we believe strongly in recognising those students who help further student voice in their schools, communities, provinces, and right across Canada.

That is why we launched the Student Voice Champion (SVC) Scholarships for students across Canada!

academic merit

Academic Merit Scholarship - $10,000 / 4 years

The Academic Merit Scholarship is tenable at any Canadian public university or college in instalments of $2,500 per academic year for four years, and recognises students who excel in academic pursuits within school and beyond.

Applicants must:

  1. Have a cumulative average of 90% in all courses; and

  2. Demonstrate a commitment to student voice.

Community Service Scholarship - $10,000 / 4 years

The Community Service Scholarship is tenable at any Canadian public university or college in instalments of $2,500 per academic year for four years, and recognises students who volunteer and support their communities.

Applicants must:

  1. Have a cumulative average of 60% in all courses;

  2. Have an outstanding record of community service; and

  3. Demonstrate a commitment to student voice.

community service

Online Scholarship Application

Applications for the 2017/18 SVC Scholarships are now closed.

All applicants can expect to receive information concerning their application by May 23, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please consult this section for frequently asked questions and information on how to contact us with questions or requests for accomodations in completing the application form as well as the full text of the SVC Scholarship Regulations.

+ Past Recipients

Fall 2017

Cynthia Francis | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Academic Merit Scholarship

Meena Rahmani | Calgary, Alberta | Community Service Scholarship

+ What is Student Voice?

Student Voice in its most basic form is the assurance that the beliefs, opinions, and concerns of students will be considered by those in a position to make decisions within education, including teachers, school administrators, the Board of Education, and the provincial/territorial Ministry of Education.

— Ontario Ministry of Education, 2015

Any student who has made an impact to help further their own voice in the education system or the voices of others is eligible to apply to the Student Voice Champion Scholarships. This could include establishment of a club to include marginalised students, working with a local school board to enact a change in policy, or taking steps to address other areas in education that the student believes to be important.

+ Scholarship Timeline

Please see sec. 4.1 in the Scholarship Regulations below for information on the scholarship timeline.

+ Scholarship Regulations

For detailed information on the scholarship timeline, eligibility criteria, and judging of applications, applicants should consult the Scholarship Regulations (Administrative Procedure 8021)

Administrative Procedure 8021 - SVC Scholarship Regulations

+ Sample Application

The Sample Application contains all questions you will be asked when completing your application. You should review it prior to beginning to see the information you will require and the questions you will be asked.

We advise that you write your responses in a word processor and then paste them into the application form.

2017/18 SVC Scholarship Sample Application

+ Questions, Concerns, and Accommodations

If you have any questions about the SVC Scholarship, the Scholarship Regulations, or require accommodations in completing the form, send an email to Please do not contact us via other means as this will disqualify your application.