2019 Student Voice Champion Scholarships (SVCS)

Welcome, and thank you for serving as a reference for this year’s phenomenal and inspiring applicants! We use information supplied by references to help guide our award decisions and to receive external insight from the people that know the SVCS applicants the best. In advance, we thank you for your time and are grateful to you sharing your thoughts with us.


+ What is Student Voice?

Student Voice in its most basic form is the assurance that the beliefs, opinions, and concerns of students will be considered by those in a position to make decisions within education, including teachers, school administrators, the Board of Education, and the provincial/territorial Ministry of Education.

— Ontario Ministry of Education, 2015

Any student who has made an impact to help further their own voice in the education system or the voices of others is eligible to apply to the Student Voice Champion Scholarships. This could include establishment of a club to include marginalised students, working with a local school board to enact a change in policy, or taking steps to address other areas in education that the student believes to be important.

+ What are the criteria for the SVCS?

You can learn more about the SVCS on the scholarships page here. You are also welcome to review the SVCS Regulations for more in-depth information.

+ What is the FCSS-FESC?

The Federation of Canadian Secondary Students / Fédération des élèves du secondaire au Canada (FCSS-FESC) is an entirely non-partisan youth-led charity that strives to advocate for students in secondary schools and CÉGEPs across Canada.

We offer programmes that enhance and enrich the educational experience while also empowering students to become engaged stakeholders in the education system. We will support students in navigating the stresses of high school life and help build leadership, resiliency, and coping skills to reduce harm and maximize outcomes in education.

+ Puis-je écrire la référence en français?

Oui! En tant qu'organisation bilingue, nous vous invitons à écrire la référence dans la langue officielle avec laquelle vous vous sentez le plus à l'aise.


Can I write the reference in French?

Yes! As a bilingual organization, we invite you to write the reference in whichever official language you feel most comfortable with.


The deadline for reference submissions was April 28, 2019 at 8:00 PM EST and submissions are now closed. All references should have received an email confirmation that their submission was received.

Please email scholarships-bourses@fcss-fesc.ca with any questions or concerns.