Our Vision

1. Prepare students for the futures they face.


We believe in a fact-based education system that is free from discrimination and gives all students the tools they need to succeed, regardless of learning style, disability, or personal circumstances. All students should feel safe, valued, and confident in their abilities to thrive after leaving high school and moving on to  post-secondary pathways, including college, university, apprenticeship in the skilled trades, and the workforce.

Secondary school is a period of significant transition and more must be done to prepare students for the futures they face. This includes emphasizing not only critical thinking and collaboration but also emotional well-being, resiliency, and self-confidence. Students face a constantly evolving and complex world and they should feel confident in their ability to navigate it after leaving school.

To prepare students for the futures they face, we will:

  • Offer programs that enhance and enrich the educational experience while also empowering students to become civically engaged with the education system

  • Support students in navigating the stresses of high school life and help build leadership, resiliency, and coping skills to reduce harm and maximize outcomes in education

  • Prepare students to transition to a variety of post-secondary pathways by providing mentorship, building critical skills, and offering financial supports to students though scholarships

Workshops on critical thinking and creative problem solving help prepare students for the futures they face.

Workshops on critical thinking and creative problem solving help prepare students for the futures they face.



2. Advocate for students in education policy.


Systems work best when all stakeholders have an active role in decisions that affect others. We believe this principle holds true for secondary education in Canada and are committed to ensuring that the voices of students are heard throughout the process of developing education policy in Canada at the school, district, provincial, and national levels. Acknowledging students as legitimate stakeholders in their own education is an essential first step to improve education outcomes.

Advocating for students means that we will seek to meaningfully engage with them wherever possible. By giving students opportunities to have their voices heard, it allows us to  advocate for them in a way that's more cohesive and representative of what they want and need from their time in high school because it's their education.

To advocate for students in education policy, we will:

  • Consult broadly with a diverse set of students from different educational, cultural, and religious backgrounds, especially Indigenous, Francophone, and other marginalized groups to have them engage with education policy

  • Conduct evidence-based research to develop policy recommendations and promote these widely to student leaders and other education stakeholders

  • Appear before legislative committees to provide expert testimony on behalf of students, using their voices to guide our work


3. Create memorable experiences for students.


High school only happens once and we want students to take advantage of every opportunity while still in school. From networking events to environmental speaker series and everything in between, we recognize that students are diverse in their interests and future ambitions. We want to help create experiences that compliment the skills and knowledge students learn in the classroom and prepare them for their futures, whatever they may be.

Our events are designed to be free or low-cost from inception through to planning and execution. We don't want a student or their family's financial situation to be a barrier to participate in life changing experiences that enrich what students learn in the classroom and position them to excel. We strive to make all our events as safe, inclusive, accessible, and equitable as possible.

To create memorable experiences for students, we will:

  • Understand the challenges and skills needed to excel in the 21st century by working with leading colleges and universities to plan and execute our events

  • Keep content relevant to the interests of students and support geographic diversity by pushing beyond the Greater Toronto Area bubble

  • Challenge students to explore new fields and emerging techniques in the sciences, arts, languages, and social sciences by promoting a holistic view of post-secondary studies

The Aspire Winter Gala was a night of networking for students filled with industry professionals and great food!

The Aspire Winter Gala was a night of networking for students filled with industry professionals and great food!


YanLing Chen
Executive Director