Our Mission:


We give students the tools they need to succeed in post-secondary life, be resilient, and enrich their time in high school.


Our Mission

We strive to help secondary students across Canada through their time in high school by enriching the experience through our programmes. We deliver services to at-risk students, help them engage in their education, and advocate for their interests.

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Our Impact

Across our programmes, we aim to help youth develop as leaders and help those at-risk build key resiliency strategies while also promoting positive mental health among students to prepare them for a variety of post-secondary pathways.

We are proud of our history of advocacy to help shape education policy while also providing services directly to Canadian students as they navigate the difficulties of high school and prepare to transition to the work force, apprenticeships, college, or university.



years serving students

Founded in 2013, we have a history of both helping secondary students and advocating for their interests across Canada.



thousand dollars awarded

Every year, we offer two scholarships of $10,000 to recognize students who support student voice in their communities.



secondary students Impacted

Our programmes and services have reached over 1,000 students across Canada to help them develop as leaders and be more resilient.


Our Programmes

Our Programmes have been developed to complement provincial curricula and meet the diverse needs of students in communities across Canada. Our Support Programmes include workshops, seminars, and conferences help students develop critical leadership and resiliency skills essential for post-secondary life while.

Concurrently, our Policy Programmes include an online platform that allows students to better understand their rights in the education system, advocate for their own interests, and get help from the FCSS-FESC when they encounter barriers in their schools.



Elevate is a series of workshops and seminars that teach students about mental well-being, resiliency, and coping with difficult situations in high school. Students are taught how to seek accomodations and advocate for themselves in their schools.


Aspire is a preparatory conference that teaches students how to write compelling applications for university, speak with recruiters and admissions staff, and how to make an effective transition from high school to post-secondary.

Student Bill of Rights

The Student Bill of Rights is our proposal to address the lack of student-centric policies in the education system across Canada. We believe that students should come first and that their interests matter; a view we're bringing to policymakers in education.


Project Demystify makes education regulations, laws, and policies more accessible and easier to understand. We also help students navigate systems and processes within their schools and school boards to ensure their needs are being met.


Latest News

Read our latest press releases, publications, and research papers on the state of education in Canada and posts from our student life blog for practical tips on how to get the most out of your educational experience!


Get Involved

The FCSS-FESC has opportunities for every kind of student. For those who want to develop as leaders or learn how to cope with the stresses of student life, you can participate in our Elevate or Aspire Programmes. Students can also join our team or sit on the Student Advisory Council to provide input on how our programmes and services are delivered to fellow students across Canada.


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