To demonstrate our faith in service to you, we want to ensure that the operations of the organization are as transparent and open as possible. Our constitution, By-laws, and other relevant governance documents can be accessed below.

Organizational Chart

The FCSS-FESC is divided into four key divisions that are each responsible for a different aspect of the organization.  The Board of Directors and Board of Advisors sit at the apex of the governance structure with the Executive, headed by an Executive Director and College of Chief Officers, reporting to them.

Updated 2019-20 Organizational Chart coming soon.


The FCSS-FESC was constituted under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act on December 24, 2014. Due to the sensitive nature of the official Articles of Incorporation, they are not publicly available but our current status may be confirmed using the link below.

Confirmation of Constitution


The FCSS-FESC maintains up-to-date By-laws to govern its internal business which are approved annually by the Membership and the Board of Directors. The most up-to-date version can be accessed below. For older versions, please access the Members Portal.

By-laws (June 9, 2018 revision)


Policies govern the day-to-day business of the organization and dictate the procedures we put into practice to ensure transparency and accountability, as well as to mitigate risk that the FCSS-FESC may face and our commitment to equity and privacy.